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Refit & Repiar

A team of professionals, gathered to solve problems and manage even the hardest tasks with the superyacht standard finish.

The List of Expertise;


As Mono Yachting, we have the all above… We have accomplished many painting projects with the Superyacht Standards even with ACRYLIC Paint systems. We are very proud of our completed paintwork projects, as we see them around still shining bright and without blisters. Here are the photos of some of them.

Please contact us for more information and get a quotation for your boat now.

Carpentery & Decking ​

Carpentry is a traditional art in our region. Bodrum is famous for its wooden gullets for over 50 years. Our carpenters were taught by their elders traditionally so we have the knowhow for building a boat. We have completed many teak decking projects which showcases this experience.

Our team is capable of finishing all woodwork to Superyacht Standards. For every decking, what lies under the teak carries the utmost importance. Our experience starts at this point. You may get your quote from our technical supervisor with a deck layout autocad project.


Our 15-years of experience in stainless steel works gives us an ultimate quality and finishing of any required stainless steel metal works or tailor-made projects with efficient timing and affordable prices.

We know that the European standards for stainless steel works require a high level of know-how and effective budgeting. We guarantee that our services will achieve and exceed the same quality and standards. We have many references for tailor-made projects.

Mechanical Works

As Mono Yachting, we prefer to outsource engine work to the official service dealers because of warranty issues. Other mechanical works are done by our two mechanics which are specialized in hydraulics and mechanics with a cosmetic finish even for mechanical works. Since we know that every single bolt must line in the same order for a super yacht finish.

Our superior engineering skills allow us to repair and supply any mechanical parts, and find flexible solutions that best meet your needs, on time.


Every yacht needs nice, easy to clean cushions with proper stitching. We take pride in offering the highest quality in material, craftsmanship and service. To ensure the quality of our final work, we combine high-quality and durable material with highly skilled craftsmanship. We know that, choosing the wrong or low -quality material and application will result in damage and fading very quickly, due to constant exposure to sunlight and salty water. We guarantee that our final work will be high-quality that looks good, easy to clean and long lasting.

Interior Upholstery: Cockpit Upholstery, Saloon Upholstery, Owner/Guest/Crew Area Upholstery, All Living Areas

Exterior Upholstery: Cockpit, Squabs, Helm Seats, Beanbags, Outdoor Cushions, Daybeds/Outdoor Sunbeds

Sail & Rigging Service

Our partner company offers the highest quality in product range and workmanship and strives for complete customer satisfaction. They have 700 m2 of hangar space and specialize in;

Electrical & Electronical Works


Whether you have a mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, plumbing or boat repair challenge, our specialists have extensive experience in marine electrical design, inspection and project management.

Electrical Design & Consultation
Electrical WoF Inspections
Electrical Survey
Corrosion protection & Consulting
Shaft brushes & Bonding Straps
Batteries – Lead Acid & Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo
Solar & Wind Power
Alternators & Smart Regs
Generators & Transformers
Inverters & Chargers
Modular AC & DC Switchboards
Shore power frequency converters
Digital Decentralized switching control
Navigation & Communication Electronics
Entertainment & Media systems
Data & Communications
Search lights & Underwater lights
Bilge pumps & Wastewater treatment